Choices make
life better.

And with loads of quality, mouthwatering ingredients to indulge in at Subway, choices make sandwiches better. Check ‘em all out here. And if you’re the curious type, our Road to Great Taste videos show you what goes into making our products the highest quality products in the industry.

Freshly baked


Good ol’ fashioned high quality dough, a lot of tasty flavors and zero additives… all baked to perfection every day. Ready to fall in loaf yet?



Carefully sourced, expertly crafted, gently marinated and cooked with your taste buds in mind… yup, we take our filings that seriously.



From the meltiest cheeses to
the tastiest avocados to the yummiest double meats… our extras are proof you can never have enough of a good thing.

Farm fresh


They’re fresh, crisp, crunchy, colorful and packed with enough flavors and goodness that you won’t stop at just one… your mom’d be so proud.



Light and zingy, rich and indulgent! So many sauces, so much room for creativity.